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1/28/19 - Williams et al. 2019. A dendritic substrate for the cholinergic control of neocortical output neurons

12/10/18 - Zhong et al. 2018. Retinoic Acid Receptor RARa-dependent synaptic signaling mediates homeostatic synaptic plasticity at the inhibitory synapses of mouse visual cortex

11/26/18 - Deng et al. 2018. Voltage-independent SK channel dysfunction causes neuronal hyperexcitability in the hippocampus of Fmr1 KO mice

10/15/18 - Goel et al. 2018. Impaired perceptual learning in a mouse model of Fragile X syndrome is mediated by parvalbumin neuron dysfunction and is reversible

9/17/18 - Schneider et al. 2018. A cortical filter that learns to suppress the acoustic consequences of movement

9/4/18 - Munoz et al. 2017. Layer-specific modulation of neocortical dendritic inhibition during active wakefulness

8/8/18 - Babola et al. 2018. Homeostatic control of spontaneous activity in the developing auditory system

5/30/18 - Khan et al. 2018. Distinct learning-induced changes in stimulus selectivity and interactions of GABAergic interneuron classes in visual cortex

5/22/18 - He et al. 2018. Critical Period Inhibition of NKCC1 rectifies synaptic plasticity in the somatosensory cortex and restores adult tactile response maps in fragile X mice

4/18/18 - Marques et al. 2018. The functional organization of cortical feedback inputs to primary visual cortex

3/14/18 - Moore et al. 2018. Rapid rebalancing of excitation and inhibition by cortical circuitry

1/23/18 - Goris et al. 2015. Origin and Function of Tuning Diversity in Macaque Visual Cortex

1/9/18 - Crandall et al. 2017. Infrabarrels are layer 6 circuit modules in the barrel cortex that link long-range inputs and outputs

12/12/17 - Kuchibhotla et al. 2017. Parallel processing by cortical inhibition enables context-dependent behavior

12/5/17 - Driscoll et al. 2017. Dynamic reorganization of activity patterns in parietal cortex

11/7/17 - Barnes et al. 2017. Deprivation-induced homeostatic spine scaling In Vivo is localized to dendritic branches that have undergone recent spine losss

10/24/17 - English et al. 2017. Pyramidal cell-interneuron circuit architecture and dynamics in hippocampal networks

9/26/17 - Favuzzi et al. 2017. Activity-dependent gating of parvalbumin interneuron function by the perineuronal net protein brevican

8/22/17 - Sun et al. 2015. Thalamus provides layer 4 of primary visual cortex with orientation- and direction-tuned inputs

8/14/17 - Selimbeyoglu et al. 2017. Modulation of prefrontal cortex excitation/inhibition balance rescues social behavior in CNTNAP2-deficient mice

7/25/17 - Runyan et al. 2017. Distinct timescales of population coding across cortex

6/13/17 - Velez et al. 2017. Contribution of innate cortical mechanisms to the maturation of orientation selectivity in Parvalbumin interneurons

5/23/17 - Schmitt et al. 2017. Thalamic amplification of cortical connectivity sustains attentional control

5/9/17 - Mathis et al. 2017. Somatosensory cortex plays an essential role in forelimb motor adaptation in mice

4/25/17 - Resnik & Polley 2017. Fast-spiking GABA circuit dynamics in the auditory cortex predict recovery of sensory processing following peripheral nerve damage.

4/11/17 - Luongo et al. 2016. Putative Microcircuit-Level Substrates for Attention Are Disrupted in Mouse Models of Autism.

3/28/17 - Wilson et al. 2017. GABAergic Neurons in Ferret Visual Cortex Participate in Functionally Specific Networks.

3/14/17 - Jeanne et al. 2013. Associative Learning Enhances Population Coding by Inverting Interneuronal Correlation Patterns.

2/28/17 - Chen et al. 2016. The cerebellum linearly encodes whisker position during voluntary movement.

2/14/17 - Quast et al. 2017. Developmental broadening of inhibitory sensory maps.

1/31/17 - Takahashi et al. 2016. Active cortical dendrites modulate perception.

1/17/17 - Yu et al. 2016. Layer 4 fast-spiking interneurons filter thalamocortical signals during active somatosensation.

11/19/16 - Estebanez et al. 2016. A radial map of multi-whisker correlation selectivity in the rat barrel cortex.

11/15/16 - Harrington et al. 2016. MEF2C regulates cortical inhibitory and excitatory synapses and behaviors relevant to neurodevelopmental disorders.

11/1/16 - Montijn et al. 2016. Population-Level Neural Codes Are Robust to Single-Neuron Variability from a Multidimensional Coding Perspective.

9/20/16 - Kwon et al. 2016. Sensory and decision-related activity propagate in a cortical feedback loop during touch perception.

9/6/16 - Karnani et al. 2016. Cooperative Subnetworks of Molecularly Similar Interneurons in Mouse Neocortex.

8/23/16 - Chorev et al. 2016. Representation of egomotion in rat’s trident and E-row whisker cortices.

8/9/16 - Ibrahim et al. 2016. Cross-Modality Sharpening of Visual Cortical Processing through Layer-1-Mediated Inhibition and Disinhibition.

7/26/16 - Rose et al. 2016. Cell-specific restoration of stimulus preference after monocular deprivation in the visual cortex.

7/12/16 - Morgenstern et al. 2016. Multilaminar networks of cortical neurons integrate common inputs from sensory thalamus.

6/28/16 - Greenhill et al. 2015. Hebbian and Homeostatic Plasticity Mechanisms in Regular Spiking and Intrinsic Bursting Cells of Cortical Layer 5.

6/14/16 - Wallach et al. 2015. On-going computation of whisking phase by mechanoreceptors.