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Amy’s thesis work on plasticity of sensory maps is published in eLife, so coool!!! Congrats, Amy (: Keven is a co-author, we miss you both!!
Keven’s spike detection methods paper is published in Scientific Reports! Sei is a co-author. Congrats!!
Congrats to Keven for having his paper published at Nature Neuroscience!! Tomer and Sei are co-authors!
Farewell to Sei, who has been in the lab for who-knows-how-long as an undergraduate and lab assistant, and good luck in med school at Vanderbilt!!
Amazing news - Michelle accepted a position as a Stadtman tenure-track investigator (Assistant Professor) at the NIH!!
Congrats Amy, who will be starting a postdoc in the Froemke lab at NYU!!
We bid farewell to Keven! Good luck with your postdoc in the Olveczky lab at Harvard!!
Our collaborative paper by Michelle, Tomer, and Phil on E-I balance in autism mouse models is published in Neuron! Plus, it is previewed by Goel & Portera-Cailliau, check it out!!
Katie begins her rotation in the lab. That’s neat!
Julia and Madeline begin their rotations in the lab. Woahh!!
Deepa officially joins the lab as a postdoc!
Amy's review is accepted at Current Opinion in Neurobiology: 'Plasticity of population coding in primary sensory cortex.' So cool, you are #1!!
Michelle is awarded the UC Berkeley President's Postdoctoral Fellowship. Super awesome!!!
Melanie's and Joe's paper is accepted at Journal of Neuroscience: 'Rapid disinhibition by adjustment of PV intrinsic excitability during whisker map plasticity in mouse S1.' Woohoo!! You're the best!!
Brian is moving on to a great postdoctoral position with Dr. Aryn Gittis at Carnegie-Mellon.  Good luck, Brian!
Brian’s paper is accepted at Neuron:  ‘Slip-based coding of local shape and texture in mouse S1’
The lab was awarded a new NIH R01 grant, ‘Rapid inhibitory circuit plasticity as a homeostatic mechanism in cerebral cortex’! You're the best, lab!!
Congratulations to Michelle on winning a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship!
Keven is awarded the NIH Blueprint Diversity Specialized Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Advancement in Neuroscience (D-SPAN) Award (F99/K00)!! Can't make that up!
Melanie finishes her postdoc and moves off to her faculty position!
Joe passes his quals! Congrats, PhD Candidate!!
Sam turns in his PhD thesis!! Congrats !!!
Brian turns in his PhD thesis --- Phinished!!
Tomer passes his qualifying exam. Whew :) Congrats, PhD candidate!
Joe is awarded the NSF GRFP. Congrats!!
Melanie publishes a review in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B!
Brian, Melanie, Michelle, and Amy present at SfN!
Tomer publishes a journal club in Journal of Neuroscience!
Keven publishes in PLoS Biology!
Joe and Tomer officially join the lab, welcome to the squad!
Melanie publishes in PLoS One!