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Dan Feldman, Professor

Dan Feldman received his Ph.D. in Neurobiology from Stanford University. He conducted postdoctoral research at the University of California, San Francisco, and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). His laboratory was at UCSD from 2000-2007. He has been at UC Berkeley since 2007.


Katie Smith, Lab Manager

My interests in and out of lab are geared towards animal health and behavior in relation to all creatures great and small (except roaches). In lab, I examine behavioral and neurological differences in mouse models of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Otherwise, I can usually be found outdoors walking my boxer or riding a horse--although I have also been found snorkeling, free diving, surfing, sky diving, sailing, skiing, camping, hiking and generally avoiding cities, phones and computers.


Han Chin Wang, Postdoc

I'm interesting in understanding how we perceive the world and integrate information to guide our decision. I also like to play tennis and assemble model kits to create a miniature world.


Michelle Antoine, Postdoc

Autism Spectrum Disorders are genetically heterogeneous, as several hundred genetic variants have been identified that confer susceptibility to ASD. However, how these genetic variants might confer susceptibility and whether there is any functional link between them remains a mystery. My research is centered on understanding whether ASD can be more homogeneously defined by one or a few common motifs of neural circuit dysfunction.


Deepa Ramamurthy, Postdoc

I am a systems neuroscientist interested in neural circuit mechanisms that facilitate experience and context-dependent changes in sensory processing and behavior. I am currently studying cell-type specific roles of inhibitory interneurons in attentional modulation of sensory processing. I aim to understand the link between circuits for attention and learning by investigating the role of selective attention in gating cortical map plasticity. Other than science, I also enjoy reading speculative fiction, making art and trying to teach tricks to my budgie.


Joe Aman, PhD Candidate

I'm interested in how cortical inhibitory circuits respond to changes in sensory input.  When I'm not patching neurons I enjoy cycling and eating/appreciating burritos.


Tomer Langberg, PhD Candidate

Hello! I’m interested in how changes to excitatory and inhibitory synapses affect spiking in vivo. I’m also studying the developmental mechanisms that alter synapses in intellectual disability and autism. Otherwise, I'm playing guitar, listening to Bruce Springsteen, or exploring the bay. contact- tomer dot langberg at berkeley dot edu


Kaylin Fisher, Research Assistant

I received my Bachelor's in Biopsychology from Mills College. My primary interests in neuroscience include behavior, perception, and sensory processing in depression, anxiety, and ASD. Outside of the lab, you can find me exploring nature, cooking elaborate meals from scratch, hanging out with my dog Bowser, and planning my next trip abroad.

Our undergraduate assistants! L to R (top): Kayla Casale, Andy Chen, Carl Shi, Krishna Gayathri, Sanika Ganesh, Sei Ahn.  L to R (bottom): Carl Shi, Shikhar Dhingra Not in Photo: Jessica Benson

Our undergraduate assistants! L to R (top): Kayla Casale, Andy Chen, Carl Shi, Krishna Gayathri, Sanika Ganesh, Sei Ahn.
L to R (bottom): Carl Shi, Shikhar Dhingra
Not in Photo: Jessica Benson

Lab Alumni:

  • Amy LeMessurier, PhD 2018 (Now postdoc in the Froemke Lab, NYU)

  • Keven Laboy-Juarez, PhD 2018 (Now postdoc in the Olveczky lab, Harvard)

  • Brian Isett, PhD 2017 (Now postdoc in the Gittis lab, Carnegie Mellon)

  • Kelly Clancy, PhD 2014 (Now postdoc in the Mrsic-Flogel lab, University of Basel)

  • David House, PhD 2010

  • Renna Stevens, PhD 2010

  • Shantanu Jadhav, PhD 2008 (Now Assistant Professor at Brandeis)

  • Jason Wolfe, PhD 2007

  • DJ Brasier, PhD 2007

  • Vanessa Bender, PhD 2006

  • Kevin Bender, PhD 2005 (Now Assistant Professor at UCSF)

  • Cara Allen, PhD 2004

  • Melanie Gainey, postdoc 2012-2017 (Now Biology Library Faculty at Carnegie Mellon)

  • Phillipp Schnepel, postdoc 2014-2016 (Now postdoc in the Poulet lab, MDC-Berlin)

  • Justin Elstrott, postdoc 2010-2013

  • Ray Shao, postdoc 2008-2012

  • Toshio Miyashita, postdoc 2008-2012

  • Lu Li, postdoc 2007-2012

  • Sowmya Venkataramani, postdoc 2005-2007

  • Tansu Celikel, postdoc 2001-2003

  • Elisabeth Foeller, postdoc 2000-2003